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…incredible experience…
amazing job…
thank you…

This was over all an incredible experience. Dr. Kratky did an amazing job with everything, especially calming my nerves! I got my wisdom teeth taken out on Tuesday the 3rd and now on Thursday the 5th I am on zero pain meds and back to my normal daily routine. I never thought I’d heal so quickly!! The entire staff is super friendly and everything is super professional and I honestly can’t wait to have an excuse to go back there because my experience was amazing. Thank you guys SO much for all that you did for me!

- Alix S.

…they truly care about
their patients.

They are excellent, had two wisdom teeth removed today. I was very scared at first, but then after meeting with the staff and Dr Jeffrey Kratky I was so at ease. They are very nice pleasant, and answered and took care of all of my needs. It was over in a flash, with no real pain and they truly care about their patients. Thank you so much Dr Kratky, Jessie, and the rest of your staff for talking [sic] care of me like I was family.

-Allegra W.

Dr. Parsons…
he was fantastic!

Had an abscessed tooth removed by Dr. Parsons this morning, he was fantastic! Everyone is the office was super friendly as well!

- Molly D.

Thank you for everything…

Dr. Kratky, Ashley and Midwest Oral Surgery team – Thank you all for being so kind and comforting…for laughing at my nervous jokes and quelling my fears. Thank you for being so masterful at your jobs. Thank you for lulling me into anesthesia sleep with techno beats. Thank you for everything.

- Kristen D.

…will continue
to recommend
Midwest Oral Surgery
to anyone!

Dr. Parsons performed bone plate surgery by inserting plates in my jaw bones and screws, worked with Dr. Hayes who did my braces and slowly overtime corrected my open bite and fixed my smile! I can’t express how amazing both Dr. Parsons and Dr. Hayes and their teams were! I am truly grateful for all they have done for me and will continue to recommend Midwest Oral Surgery to anyone!

- Emily S.

Everyone was so
friendly right when
you walked in!

Going to this location was an awesome experience! Everyone was so friendly right when you walked in! They were able to make everything easy for you to understand! Dr. Kratky was amazing, he was super nice and funny and was able to make me feel super calm about getting my wisdom teeth taken out! On the day of the surgery he came in and we talked about other things rather than the surgery. When I woke up and was taken into the recovery room he was there telling me I did great and was able to give my driver the instructions on my care! If I would ever need to have oral surgery again I would definitely come back to Dr. Kratky, it was truly a great experience!

- Julie R.

Dr. Kratky has
an amazing bedside
manner and got me
in and out fast.

Everyone was incredibly friendly and professional at this location. From the moment I walked in, the ladies in the office made me feel welcome and answered my questions, really easing my anxiety. They even helped my ride walk me to the car. Dr. Kratky has an amazing bedside manner and got me in and out fast. It was convenient that I was able to get my prescriptions filled there so I could go home and rest. Within 6 hours I was eating mashed potatoes. It is now day two and so far I feel great! If you need wisdom teeth removed, I highly recommend this facility.

- Liz A.

Kind, funny,
and professional.

Kind, funny, and professional. I was terrified to have my wisdom teeth removed – in hindsight Jeff and the team did a fantastic job. I healed quickly, barely swelled up and was back at it in no time at all. PLEASE give my thanks to everyone who helped with this procedure!

- Irena L.

As a Dental Hygienist
myself, this was
an amazing experience
with a wonderful staff!

As a Dental Hygienist myself, this was an amazing experience with a wonderful staff! Thank you Dr. Kratky, Angela and rest of staff! Dr. Kratky has an amazing chairside manner and having very little pain this evening with having had an extraction and bone graft! Very little pain is very much associated with his technique! I was asleep but was beyond happy with how my procedure was completed! Highly recommend this office on a daily basis to my patients but I can now really stand behind them and WILL keep the referrals coming! I sincerely thank you all!

- Tara T.

They helped me
feel at ease and
like I was among

About a week ago I had to get my wisdom teeth out, something that I was not particularly excited about. I was nervous to be there, but immediately felt better after I met the team that would be working on me. I had the pleasure of having Shannon as my surgical assistant and Dr. Urbanek who performed by surgery. They helped me feel at ease and like I was among friends. They both made a dreadful situation so much better.

- Kelsey T.

No pain and the doctor
did a super job

Office staff is extremely helpful. The doctor extracted a baby tooth and grafted in some bone work for me. No pain and he did a super job! Fast and easy, it seemed. Thanks for doing such a great job and doing it so well and quickly.

- Roberta W.

Dr. Kratky's engaging
personality and positive
attitude made me
feel at ease.

My dentist (who is just down the hall at the O’Fallon location) referred me to Dr. Kratky for a dental implant consultation and I am so grateful. Dr. Kratky’s engaging personality and positive attitude made me feel at ease throughout the process and gave me confidence that I was at the right place for implant surgery. The amount of time I spent in the office, including the post-op visits, was minimal and the bulk of it was when I was under anesthesia for the surgery! After the surgery, he took the time to explain everything I needed to do in the next few days to my parents who were there with me. There were no complications and everything went smooth. I definitely recommend Dr. Kratky to anyone considering or in need of oral surgery.

- Chad B.

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